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SolServices Ltd. is engaged in the implementation of energy generation from renewable sources, bearing in mind sustainability aspects and Hungary’s domestic energy-industry development targets. SolServices Ltd.’s state-of-the-art solar projects, based on the latest innovations, as well as its environmentally friendly deployment and operational solutions, provide realistic, competitive alternatives – from both economic and environmental perspectives – to energy generation methods of conventional large power facilities emitting carbon dioxide.

Development of solar parks

Hungarian power plants are becoming obsolete, the current installed capacity of 8,900 MW may decrease to 6,900 MW by 2023, while the country’s energy consumption will increase by 1 percent per year. Together, the two parallel processes prompt the renewal of the Hungarian power plant portfolio, including the establishment of new – preferably carbon-neutral and green – energy generation capacities. SolServices Ltd. contributes to this process by developing solar parks with large installed capacities: through the selection of suitable sites, planning, permitting, compliance with ecological considerations as well as legal requirements, and careful consultations with local governments and NGOs.


There have been only a few examples of large-scale solar park developments in Hungary so far. SolServices Ltd. is actively involved in the development and implementation of the best practices. In order for our solar parks to provide the greatest added ecological and social value, we have launched a number of programs, including a complex biodiversity survey in cooperation with several nature conservation institutions. In addition, we are participating in the launch of technological developments and research to improve the efficiency of solar parks by involving Hungarian universities and research institutes.

Education and public awareness

In Hungary, it is necessary to continuously improve the level of general knowledge and public awareness about renewable energy sources. The backbone of our educational and public awareness activities consists of developing and mentoring local and national social programs that demonstrate the operation and the benefits of PV solar technology, as well as the need and opportunities for energy conservation through the use of tangible models, lectures, and interactive tools for all ages.

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