SolServices held special classes to students on solar energy in Szentendre


In April, as part of the Sustainability Week program series, SolServices staff held interactive special classes on how to use solar energy for elementary and high school students of the Ferenc Rákóczi II. Primary School and Gymnasium.

During the classes the primary school students got to know, among other things, the historical and current ways of using solar energy and the flora and fauna that the most modern, new-generation, nature-friendly solar parks create sustainable habitats for.

For secondary school students the description of the structure of solar parks was the backbone of the classes. Participating students were able to learn what tools and materials a new-generation solar power plant is made of, what the investment costs are, what metals are the most important components of the solar panels, what and how much metal is needed to build 1 megawatt solar park capacity, but also about recycling. In addition, students were presented for the path of electricity from solar panels to a home outlet through illustrative tools. As part of this, they had to put together the electric grid from the producer to the consumer from a variety of marking elements – such as solar panels, inverters, a transformer, and wires – on a magnetic board.

“One of SolServices’ most important missions is to shape the minds of future generations: to show them the path of electricity from solarparks to the outlets in their home and how to produce electricity in an environmentally friendly way using the power of the Sun. The special classes held in Szentendre have been an undivided success among the students and we hope that we will still have the opportunity to return to the school and to visit other educational institutions in the future” – said dr. Gábor Farkas managing director of SolServices in connection with the event.