Professional solutions

for spreading clean energy

SolServices Ltd. is engaged in the implementation of energy generation from renewable sources, bearing in mind sustainability aspects and Hungary’s domestic energy-industry development targets. SolServices Ltd.’s state-of-the-art solar projects, based on the latest innovations, as well as its environmentally friendly deployment and operational solutions, provide realistic, competitive alternatives – from both economic and environmental perspectives – to energy generation methods of conventional large power facilities emitting carbon dioxide.

Electricity is indispensable today. In our electricity-powered world we have to do our best to conserve nature and maintain biodiversity. This aspiration is of utmost importance in our activities. We indeed have a value-based approach towards conserving natural assets and biodiversity, and transferring them to future generations. By generating clean electricity, our solar projects contribute to the region’s – and within that, primarily to Hungary’s – environmental protection and emission reduction efforts, and the successful transition of the country’s energy industry to a climate friendly path.

We are convinced that challenges will push us towards continuous development in order to reach the common objective and create a more liveable world. We deploy the solar parks – which generate electricity in a clean way, without carbon emission – in close cooperation with local communities, thereby supporting their development. Our objective is to create strong partnerships with local communities, and to offer job opportunities to local residents and enterprises in the construction and long-term operation of our projects. Since our projects are intended for the long term, we aim to keep up continuous contact and a collective thinking process with local communities during the course of the whole lifecycle of the solar parks. It is our firm intention to promote the development of local communities, based on their real needs.

Our projects are important tools for environmentally conscious energy production and attitude formation – the educational trail to be created in the area of our new-generation nature-friendly solar park Lumen Park Szolnok creates an excellent opportunity to hold special on-site classes and to demonstrate how green energy production can be brought into harmony with the preservation and development of ecological diversity. We take social responsibility and pay special attention to expanding knowledge on sustainable living of all the age-groups from the youngest to the oldest generations. As a tool to reach these objectives, we provide a forum for awareness-building and combatting misbeliefs, in order to increase the number of people with real knowledge – based on facts and physical principles – on environmentally friendly solar parks and the way of their operation.

SolServices Ltd.’s Environmental and Social Policy Statement is available by clicking here