Lumen Park Szászberek Fully Test Operational

In a remarkable development, the Lumen Park Szászberek solar power plan has officially reached full test operational capacity as now. This significant achievement comes after months of dedicated work, meticulous testing, and continuous improvements. The project is getting closer and closer to become a shining example of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production facility.

The journey towards full inverter level energization was initiated with partial energization in August, and the park’s capacity was increased day by day, culminating in full inverter level energization within the same month. The dedicated team behind this project demonstrated unparalleled commitment and expertise to make this a reality.

One of the key milestones that has been successfully accomplished is the grid connection of the Lumen Park Szászberek Park through a newly established High Voltage (HV) Substation and HV line. This grid connection was a pivotal step, and it has been completed seamlessly. The equipment within the solar park, as well as the HV Substation and HV line, are functioning impeccably, ensuring a smooth and reliable energy generation process. While the Lumen Park Szászberek is now operating at full test capacity, there are still a few ongoing tasks at the site, details soon.

This achievement marks a major step towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly future, demonstrating that clean energy sources can be harnessed efficiently and effectively. Lumen Park Szászberek serves as a beacon of hope for renewable energy projects worldwide, and its success highlights the potential of photovoltaic technology in meeting our energy needs while minimizing environmental impact.